It is actually paradoxical, a little funny as well. Abbreviation, which itself is a long word, is used to make a lengthy term shorter. Abbreviations result in a lot convenience, both while writing as well as speaking English. If you haven’t been using the most common abbreviations, you are willingly making your life just a wee bit more difficult.

Below, we have talked about 20 of the most common abbreviations in English you should definitely be cognisant of:

ASAP – Nowadays,it is used a lot in both written and oral English. Who would take the trouble of saying AS SOON AS POSSIBLE? So, ASAP, short and sweet.

AM/PM – Ante Meridiem and Post Meridiem. Had these two abbreviations not been there, differentiating between day and night would have been so difficult.

DOB – You will keep coming across it all your life, especially while filling up forms. It is a fast way of asking your date of birth.

ETA – It is seen in airports more than anywhere else where this term is one of the column headings on electronic boards. ETA stands for Estimated Time of Arrival.

TGIF – A wonderful way to address Friday and express your excitement for the beginning of a weekend. You do THANK GOD when IT’S FRIDAY.

AKA – Speaking these three words ALSO KNOWN AS had started to become tedious. AKA offered a solution to this problem.

DIY – One abbreviation that has literally become a buzzword nowadays. Nowadays, you will often hear, “Is DIY an option?” Meaning whether you can DO IT YOURSELF. And DIY no doubt boosts your self-pride.

Approx. – 7 letters ‘imately” can actually form a long word. So, if you have the opportunity to not use these many letters while speaking or writing, you will probably avail it.

Dept. – Department is a 10-letter word. And its abbreviation has just 4 letters. But the short form can only be used while writing.

No. – Number, one of the most common words in the world, warranted a small abbreviation and so when there is space constraint while writing or you just want to be brief and crisp, No. will ably serve your purpose.

Tsp – So now we come to the world of cooking. In many a recipe, you will come across the term ‘Tsp’ and you must know what it means. It is an abbreviation for teaspoon.

Tbsp – In a similar vein, Tbsp is an abbreviation for tablespoon.